Welcome to PRISTINE! Exploring programmability, advanced policies and DIF Management Systems in RINA

With the start of the new year we’re very happy to announce that a new funded FP7 project is joining the RINA family: ICT PRISTINE. PRISTINE (Programmability in RINA for European Supremacy of Virtualized Networks) research and development activities will be very complementary to those of the IRATI project, in concrete PRISTINE will:

  • Explore programmability in RINA. PRISTINE will be developing a Software Development Kit for the IRATI Linux prototype, to enable researchers to customize the behaviour of their DIFs.
  • Research advanced policies for DIFs. PRISTINE will be researching sophisticated policies for congestion control, distributed resource allocation, efficient routing, authentication, authorization, encryption and multi-homing.
  • Design and develop the first DIF Management System. PRISTINE will be researching, prototyping and experimenting a DIF Management system capable of managing multiple layers at once.
  • Experiment with realistic use cases. PRISTINE will use RINA to develop practical, demonstrable, and commercially exploitable solutions to address existing networking limitations.

The project website can be reached at http://www.ict-pristine.eu, and its twitter account is https://twitter.com/ictpristine. We wish for a great and successful collaboration between the IRATI and PRISTINE projects!