Welcome to IRINA! Investigating RINA in the NREN and GEANT environment

We are very happy to announce that there is a new research initiative in the RINA family: the IRINA project. IRINA (Investigating RINA as the next generation NREN and GEANT architecture), is one of the winners of the GEANT3+ first open call. The project goals can be summarized as follows:

The prevalent TCP/IP network architecture has been applied in a variety of situations it was never designed for. A new architecture that better supports distributed computing and effectively exploits the raw transmission capacity of the physical media is required. IRINA shall compare RINA against current networking state of the art and relevant clean-slate architecture under research; perform a use-case study of how RINA could be better used in the NREN scenarios; and showcase a laboratory trial of the study.”

IRINA will be using the RINA prototype developed by the IRATI project in order to provide a lab mockup showing how RINA could be used in the NRENs and GEANT scenario.



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