Slides from “Experimental evaluation of a RINA Prototype” available (GC 2014)

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Last month we had the chance to present our current results on the experimental evaluation of the RINA prototype at the IEEE Globecom 2014 conference in Austin, Texas. Below you can find the slides and the paper abstract, we hope you will enjoy them!



The Recursive InterNetwork Architecture (RINA) is a recently proposed network architecture based on first principles, which solves a number of issues present in the current Internet such as application mobility. In this paper, we present the experimental evaluation of key features of the first performance-oriented implementation of RINA, the IRATI stack. Our open source stack is designed for GNU/Linux Operating Systems, with key components developed in kernel space for optimal performance. After briefly introducing the architecture, we present the key features of the stack, give some details about the implementation and discuss some trade-offs that had to be taken into account. We present use case scenarios for the evaluation, which were implemented in a test environment, and present the performance of the stack, achieving a goodput of around 907 Mb/s on a GbE link, which is close to line rate.

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