RINA family gathering at Dublin: IRATI presentation at the RINA Workshop!

Last week was without doubt one of the most important ones for the RINA community: for the second time all of us met to discuss, share ideas, present results and initiate new collaborations at the RINA workshop in Dublin. It was a great event, filled with the passion and energy we all share to bring this promising technology closer to real-world deployment. We, the IRATI project, were lucky enough to deliver one of the key talks of the event, presenting the project results after one year of work.

Members of the IRATI crew delivering the IRATI presentation at the RINA Workshop

The presentation was very well received, showing the interest of the audience specially in the prototyping and experimentation activities. We have uploaded the slides to slideshare, so that you can also take a look to the presentation. As usual, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be very happy to answer your doubts!

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