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  1. Experimental evaluation of a RINA prototype. Globecom 2014. S. Vrijders, December 2014.
  2. RINA Tutorial. IEEE Globecom, December 2014 by J. Day, L. Chitkushev, E. Grasa, F. Salvestrini and D. Staessens.
  3. RINA overview and EC-funded research activities. ISO SC6 WG7 meeting, October 2014 by Dimitri Staessens, Francesco Salvestrini and Miquel Tarzan.
  4. IRATI results after Year 1. RINA Workhsop, January 2014 by F. Salvestrini, L. Bergesio, M. Tarzan, S. Vrijders, D. Staessens and E. Grasa
  5. IRATI Experimentation. GENI-FIRE Workshop, October 2013, by Sergi Figuerola
  6. Early RINA prototyping and deployment in the IRATI project, and future research in the PRISTINE and IRINA projects. GLIF Annual meeting, October 2013 by Sergi Figuerola
  7. RINA early prototyping and deployment under the IRATI project, and future research in the PRISTINE and IRINA projects. Korea-EU Technical Workshop, September 2013 by Sergi Figuerola
  8. Update on IRATI technical work after month 6 – Summary of the technical work presented at the IRATI technical review, September 2013 by the IRATI consortium
  9. Unreliable inter process communication in Ethernet: Migrating to RINA with the shim DIF – 5th International Workshop on Reliable Networks Design and Modeling, September 2013 by Sander Vrijders
  10. RINA detailed components overview and implementation discussion – RINA Workshop, January 2013, by Steve Bunch, Peter L. deWolf, Eduard Grasa
  11. Introduction to the IRATI project – RINA Workshop, January 2013 by Eduard Grasa
  12. RINA motivation, introduction and IRATI goals – IEEE ANTS, December 2012 by Dimitri Staessens
  13. IRATI – FIRE Engineering Workshop, November 2012 by Sergi Figuerola
  14. RINA Update on Research and Prototyping activities – Global Future Internet Week, September 2012 by Eduard Grasa