Phase 3 use cases report available

The following technical reports are available in the technical reports area of the website.

MS16. Phase 3 use cases description and requirements analysis report.

This report describes the use cases that will shape the research, development and experimentation activities that will be carried out by IRATI partners during the third phase of the project. The goal of the third phase use cases is to analyze in more detail a couple of scenarios related to the deployment of RINA in the current Internet and the requirement to support existing applications without initially having to modify them. These scenarios are paramount in demonstrating that there is a feasible migration path for RINA which does not require drastic measures for it to be to be gradually adopted by both users and deployed by network service providers. The scenarios analyzed in the second phase of the project are:

  • Deployment of RINA over IP networks.
  • Support of applications written to the sockets API.

Example of RINA deployment over two LANs and an IP network

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