Phase 2 use cases report available

The following technical reports are available in the technical reports area of the website.

MS11. Phase 2 use cases description and requirements analysis report.

This report describes the use cases that will shape the research, development and experimentation activities that will be carried out by IRATI partners during the second phase of the project. The goal of the second phase use cases is to analyze in more detail a couple of scenarios already introduced in D2.1, gravitating around the datacentre networking concept. These use cases can illustrate some of the advantages that RINA provides in terms of the integration of distributed computing and networking, resulting in a networking environment that is both simpler and more flexible. The scenarios analyzed in the second phase of the project are:

  • Hypervisor and Virtual Machine Networking. Rethink communications between Guest Virtual Machines and its Host using RINA.
  • Interconnection of private VDC instances and customer’s premises networks via the public Internet. Showing an example of how RINA can be deployed over IP to provide advanced Virtual Private Network functionality.

Example of a RINA configuration for a VDC instance connected to a customer network over the public Internet

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