Boston University

bostonuniversity_logo1-300x110Boston University is an internationally recognized private institution of higher education and research. It is the third-largest independent institution of higher education in the United States. The Computer Science (CS) Department at Boston University was established in 1983 as part of the College (and Graduate School) of Arts and Sciences. Today, it consists of 19 full-time faculty members who teach and conduct research in diverse areas of theoretical, experimental and applied computer science. The Department’s student body consists of over 200 undergraduate students and over 80 graduate students, of which over 50 students (all supported) are pursuing PhD degrees. Over the last decade, the Computer Science Department at Boston University has had significant growth in areas of networking, databases, computer vision, security and applied cryptography, operating systems and real-time systems.

Role in the project

As the proposers of the RINA architecture, BU’s main role in the project is to provide guidance and advise on the different aspects of RINA, as well as to keep the overall RINA research efforts synchronised. BU will also contribute to the dissemination, standardization and exploitation activities of the project by i) co-authoring research papers based on the project’s work; ii) integrating the specifications provided by the project to the main set of RINA specifications temporarily held by PSOC; iii) trying to seek for funding to continue advancing the RINA state of the art building on IRATI’s results.