Nextworks, located in Pisa, Italy, is a very dynamic R&D SME that was created in 2002 as a spin-off company of Consorzio Pisa Ricerche (CPR). Nextworks operates in the IT and Telecommunications sectors, collaborating with some of the major European telecommunications manufacturers and operators. The Nextworks research team features relevant expertise and know-how in a number of areas:

  • TCP/IP protocols, both in terms of core components and network architectures for QoS
  • Data plane aspects of traffic control for packet networks
  • Design, development and integration of MPLS and GMPLS Control Planes on SDH, WDM and GbE devices; design and prototyping of T-MPLS Data Plane provisioning systems
  • IP routing, both in terms of protocols and algorithms
  • Design and development of Carrier-grade network software and low-level software development (firmware, driver and O.S. components)

The consulting activities carried out by Nextworks range from pure support consulting on one end, up to long-term, third party design & developments of protocol stacks for equipment vendors on the other end. Nextworks participates actively in EU-funded research projects, cooperating with both academic and industrial partners, as an important and preferential investment to develop and update its knowledge on selected topics.

Role in the project

Nextworks will coordinate the IRATI software developments and contribute to the architecture design and validation activities. Nextworks focus will be on the RINA functionalities particularly relevant for the Network Service Provider. Areas of research include flow allocation and routing, data transfer protocol (DTP) and data transfer control protocol (DTCP).  Nextworks will also contribute to the outreach activities of the project through co-authored journal papers and participation in renowned international conferences and scientific workshops. The team will also work with the other partners on the identification and presentation of the RINA architecture and protocol(s) to potential standard organizations (e.g. IETF).