IRATI D4.2, “Deployment, Experimentation and Validation report for phase 2″

IRATI’s deliverable D4.2 – informing about the second phase deployment, experimentation and validation activities – has been uploaded to the Deliverables area.

Machines used in the routing experiment, and their interconnection.

Machines used in the routing experiment, and their interconnection.


This document details the work performed in Work Package (WP) 4 during the second phase of the Investigating RINA as an Alternative to TCP/IP (IRATI) project. It contains information on the planning of the experiments, including the setup and modifications necessary for the testbeds, and the details about the experiments carried out in four areas: initial testing of the shim Distributed IPC Facility (DIF) for hypervisors, a performance test on the virtual wall, functional testing of the flow control mechanism and a larger use case scenario to be deployed in the OpenFlow in Europe: Linking Infrastructure and Applications (OFELIA) [1] testbed to test routing and detect any scaling issues in the current implementation. The results and outcomes of the analysis of each different experiment is detailed here as well. This deliverable includes also feedback for the improvement of the operation of the OFELIA facility and key items for WP3 to focus on in the final phase of the project.

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