IRATI D3.4 “3rd phase integrated RINA prototype for a UNIX-like OS” available

IRATI’s deliverable D3.4, informing about the third phase prototype of a RINA implementation for a UNIX-like OS (focusing in SDU Protection, the implementation of the distributed loop, the shim DIF over TCP/UDP and the read/write kernel data-paths), has been uploaded to the Deliverables area.

Kernel read/write workflows

Kernel read/write workflows

Executive Summary

This deliverable presents the FP7 IRATI project’s third phase integrated RINA prototype over Ethernet. This prototype provides the features and meets the requirements stated in deliverable D2.4 [4], the software components described in this document have been implemented, tested and integrated into the IRATI’s code-base which incrementally provide all its functionalities from an unique code-base. The resulting prototype meets the requirements for the experimentation activities and has been released to WP4 as well as made available as open-source material to the public (ref. D5.3).

This document is structured as follows. Section 1 provides introductory notes and motivates the implementation approach. Section 2 and 3 provide details on the Shim IPC Process over TCP/UDP and on the SDU Protection functionalities respectively. Section 4 describes the changes to the stack’s data-path that were introduced during the project’s third phase. Section 5 provides details on the enhancements needed to support reliable flows. Section 6 details the open-source activities related to IRATI’s code-base. Section 7 summarises the outcomes of the work performed.

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