IRATI D1.5 “Final project report”, available

IRATI’s deliverable D1.5 – summarizing the main results achieved by the project – has been uploaded to the Deliverables area.

Planned contributions to Open IRATI

Planned contributions to Open IRATI


This report summarizes the main results and achievements of the project in a public document, concluding the project’s technical work. Section 2 explains the main contributions of the project towards the improvement of the RINA specifications and reference model. IRATI has produced four new specifications: i) the shim DIF over 802.1Q; ii) the shim DIF for Hypervisors; iii) the link-state based routing policy for the PDU Forwarding Generator and iv) the faux-sockets API. IRATI has also enhanced two existing applications: i) the Error and Flow Control Protocols and the shim DIF over TCP and UDP. All the specifications have been submitted to the Pouzin Society so that they can be incorporated to the main RINA specifications track.

Section 3 reports about the project’s software development activities, which have crystallized in an open source prototype publicly available. The section discusses the goals of the RINA implementation, the major technical decisions and describes the software architecture of the prototype.

Section 4 details the main experimental activities carried out by the project, focusing on i) the experimental evaluation of the shim DIF for hypervisors; ii) the evaluation of the link-state based routing policy; iii) the performance evaluation of the prototype; iv) stability tests of the shim DIFs; v) performance evaluation of the reliable flows; vi) verification of the TTL and CRC policies; vii) verification of the application-location independence flow allocation.

Section 5 discusses the main dissemination, standardisation and exploitation achievements of the project. Dissemination focuses on IRATI’s online presence, the organization of international RINA workshops, the participation on conferences and other venues and the publication of research papers. Standardisation achievements discuss the contributions to the Pouzin Society, ISO SC6 Working Group 7 (Future Networks) and the IRTF SDN Research Group. Exploitation discusses academic exploitation, public/internal demonstrators, the open source initiative and the individual partner exploitation plans.

Finally section 6 summarizes the feedback to the OFELIA facility – which has served as the main experimental environment for IRATI – as well as the improvements that IRATI has contributed to it.


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