Interoute owns the largest Next Generation Network covering the European Union, from London to Warsaw, from Stockholm to Sicily and beyond into the Continent’s emerging economies, including Turkey, with nine subsea landing stations ringing the edge of Europe. To the West, the network links to North America’s major telecoms hub. To the East, the network connects the Middle East to Europe through Dubai. In the South, Africa from Cape Town to Tunis connects directly to Europe through Interoute. Supported by 60,000 kilometres of fibre, 21 metropolitan area networks, 8 data centres and 32 collocation centres with local operations in the 26 largest cities of Europe, we serve customers in the 15 major languages of the European Union.

Interoute provides a single platform for Information Technology services, which we call Unified ICT. Connectivity, Communication and Computing services are integrated on a single infrastructure that reduces cost and optimises security, performance and efficiency. As a result, Interoute is key to Europe’s digital supply chain, serving all the major incumbent operators as well as enabling for corporate customers more than €1 billion of e-Commerce transactions daily through our network. Consistently recognized as Europe’s leading provider of bandwidth and transmission services, Interoute is increasingly distinguished for enabling Cloud Computing across the European footprint. Interoute is Europe’s leading Cloud service provider; actively promoting our next generation secure Cloud solution to meet our customers business and community responsibilities. Our portfolio of advanced ICT services are designed to enable people to enjoy the benefits of the latest cloud technologies, promoting communications within companies and across the globe, while reducing carbon emissions that harm our planet.

Role in the project

Interoute main interest within the IRATI proposal is to assess the feasibility of RINA as an alternative to TCP/IP in a mid-term future. Consequently, Interoute will lead the use cases elicitation and analysis task, focusing on scenarios that are complex to achieve or miss performing within the current IP based technologies. Interoute will also contribute to the experimental validation activities, by assessing the compliance of the prototype with the project use cases, and benchmarking them against TCP/IP. Finally Interoute will also lead WP5, contributing to the dissemination, standardisation and exploitation of the project results.