iMinds is an independent strategic research institute founded by the Flemish government to stimulate ICT innovation by addressing technological, legal, business and sociological aspects (see also The IBCN research group (Internet Based Communication Networks and Services, is part of the Future Internet Department of the IBBT and belongs to the Department of Information Technology (INTEC) of Ghent University (UGent). At a national level the group is collaborating with over 100 industrial partners in many multidisciplinary projects. Also internationally there is strong involvement in European research projects, especially in the Future Internet area, with about 50 finished and running EU projects over the past 10 years. Since the start of the IBCN group in 1992, research resulted in over 1200 publications in international journals and conference proceedings, 60 PhD’s, 30 international awards, and 4 spin-off companies.

The IBCN group is performing fundamental and applied research on internet based communication networks and services, more specifically with the focus on: (1) Network Modelling, Design and Evaluation, (2) Mobile & Wireless Networking, (3) High Performance Multimedia Processing, (4) Autonomic Computing & Networking, (5) Service Engineering, (6) Content and Search Management, and (7) Data Analysis and Machine Learning. This research is applied to a number of application domains: Health and care, transport and logistics, media, energy, and systems biology. A well-established experimental test environment and a number of technology platforms support these activities. The research is performed by an enthusiastic team of about 130 people comprising about 10 professors, 20 post-docs, 90 researchers and 10 support people.

Role in the project

iMinds will lead WP4 on experimentation and as such will play an important role in enabling and setting up the experiments. iMinds main participation is in definition of IRATI/RINA and software architecture, in the software development and the experimentation. Main areas of research interest in the core networking functionalities like routing/forwarding/ multiplexing and relaying.