This section is dedicated to RINA education!

The theory behind RINA is presented by John Day in the book “Patterns in Network Architecture: A Return to Fundamentals“. Here you can find information on various topics around the RINA architecture and learn more about them through recorded videos, publications and documents.

Introduction to RINA – Learn the basics of RINA

RINA VS the current Internet architecture – Learn the differences and the advantages of RINA comparing to the current architecture

Naming, addressing, routing, mobility and multi-homing – RINA’s position on naming and addressing, routing mobility and multi-homing

Data transfer – Learn about data transfer in RINA

Security – Learn how RINA achieves security

Management – Learn about DIF and Namespace Management

Implementing and experimenting with RINA – Learn about experiences of different RINA implementation efforts

Business models – Learn how RINA can improve the current telecom and distributed computing markets