D4.1 Deployment, experimentation and validation report for phase 1 available

D4.1, reporting on IRATI’s first round of experiments, is available at the deliverables session. The following paragraphs briefly summarize the contents of the report.

“This document details the work performed in WP4 during the first phase of the IRATI project. It contains information on the planning of the experiments, the details about the experiments carried out during the project’s first phase, as well as the results and outcomes of the analysis of each different experiment. This deliverable includes also feedback for the improvement of the operation of the OFELIA facility. 

D4.1 is structured as follows. Section 1 presents the testing methodology used to validate the functionalities implemented in the 1st phase prototype releases. Section 2 gives an overview of the two OFELIA islands that will be used for experimentation during the project. Section 3 presents the experimental setup. Section 4 and 5 provide information on the use case validation in i2CAT and iMinds islands respectively. Section 6 presents information on experiments across different OFELIA islands. Section 7 presents the validation of the experiments in the islands. Finally, section 8 summarizes the feedback to OFELIA and the other IRATI work packages. “

User interface of the OFELIA Control Framework while configuring the slice resources.


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